How to Glaze Bathroom Cabinets

Does your bathroom look outdated? Do you just want a new look? Glazing your cabinets is an option!

Before you begin glazing cabinets, the surface must be clean. If possible, remove doors and drawers so you can lay them out horizontally before beginning.

If the paint you’re glazing over is glossy, wipe it down with a deglosser.

Apply the glaze generously with a brush to one door at a time. Cover every area that will be seen.

While it’s still wet, wipe the glaze off with a soft cotton rag. The amount of pressure you apply as you wipe will determine how thick or thin the glaze effect appears.

Tip: The lines you create as you wipe off the glaze should follow the wood grain.

Watch the video above to learn all about glazing cabinets!


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