How to Give Your Walls a Textured Old-World Finish

Giving walls a textured old world finish has become very popular over the past several years because of its warm inviting feel. It’s easier to achieve than you may think.

Here’s how to apply a textured old world finish to your walls:

  • Begin by painting a base coat on the walls in the color of your choice and allow it to dry.
  • Mix up glazing of the color desired to apply over the base coat. Water based glaze is recommended for walls since it dries faster than oil based glaze.
  • Cover a small area on the wall with the glaze using a roller.
  • Blot the wet glaze with a sheepskin pad to texture the wall surface.
  • Repeat these steps to cover an entire wall.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. How often should I paint the inside drywall of my house. Husband doesn’t think it is needed after inital coat on the drywal. Does paint fade out after a while? Lorena


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