How to Fix Split Furniture with Wood Glue

Let’s talk about fixing split wood. If you have a split chair leg or a tabletop — anywhere you have a crack that you need to get glue into — how do you get the glue in there to coat both sides evenly?

Well here’s one trick: First, get the piece that’s split, spread it open a little bit and put in the wood glue. Add it from the top — you don’t need too much.

Then use a piece of string, Mason’s line or dental floss (whatever you have on hand) to work the glue through the joint. Just go up and down.

You want to make sure you go all the way down to the bottom; don’t worry about excess glue — if you need to you can always add more glue.

Next, you need to clamp it so the split stays nice and tight. You should see a fine bead of glue along the entire joint; that means you have enough glue in there.

Now just let that dry and it’ll be good as new!

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