How to Find Property Lines

“I’m putting a fence in my backyard and need to find my property line. How do I do that?” – Rick from Alabama

It’s important to know exactly where your property lines are before starting a construction project in your yard. Licensed land surveyors can be found in the phonebook to survey your property and mark the corners of your land. It may also be possible to use a metal detector to locate the original metal pegs that mark the corners of your property.


  1. In my town they are hollow pipes about 1″ in diameter. They are usually down a few inches but some can be just below the surface. They may or may not have a cap on them.

  2. I need to put up a fence. I need to know my land lined, how do i do this. I have now extar money to waste but need a fence now… so how can i find out how to do this. thank you

  3. I am a little dismayed that it took 24 days for someone other than Danny Lipford to describe the metal pipes to Ellen. It would be nice if finding it and digging down to it was shown on the video clip.


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