Foundation Crack Repairs: Fast Fixes for Cosmetic Problems

A home’s foundation has an important job. It must support the structure’s weight, along with anyone or anything inside it. It also needs to keep out elements that could undermine the home. 

If your house is built on a concrete slab and you see a few cracks, that can be unsettling. Fortunately, these cracks rarely indicate a serious settling problem — and you can do something about them. 

Brick home with a cracked concrete foundation

Why Concrete Cracks

Building materials expand and contract at different rates based on extreme changes in temperature and humidity. As a result, concrete often cracks as seasons change. 

Concrete foundations, in particular, have unique “pressures” that cause cracks. Force from surrounding building materials, like siding walls, can cause an unsightly wedge called a corner pop.

Corner pops are usually purely cosmetic and you can repair them with convenient products from the home center. 

Repairing a cracked concrete house foundation with Quikrete

How to Fix a Cracked Foundation

Repairing a cracked foundation couldn’t be easier. Just use a quality caulk like Quikrete Concrete Repair to fill in the gap. 

However, if the crack is too wide and deep for caulk, you’ll need Quikrete Quick-Setting Cement. Mix it according to the directions, and then apply as directed, adding another coat as needed.

Either way, both products are designed for vertical applications, so rest assured you’ve got the right solution for this common problem!

After you fill the crack completely, give it time to dry. Then you can paint over the entire concrete piece for a finished look. 

When to Call in a Pro

While concrete cracks often are cosmetic, it’s better to err on the side of caution. 

Here’s a rule of thumb: Cracks are usually nothing to worry about if they’re less than ⅛-inch wide and surfaces on either side of the crack are level. Use a straight edge to make sure it rests flat on both sides of the crack. 

Finally, know your home. Keep your eyes on all concrete cracks and take note of major changes. 

If a gap continues to widen or one side of the crack becomes higher than the other, you need to call in a structural engineer or home inspector for professional advice.


  1. Danny,

    Great video. This is exactly what we tell homeowners every week in Georgia. You are right on the money – glad people are getting good information from your website.

    From a 20+ year old Foundation repair contractor in Georgia.

  2. Hi,

    I bought my house in 2002 new. I notices in the front corner from the bottom the concrete is breaking away by pieces. I called home builder he reply that it was normal at the time. I started to notices more chucks are breaking away more. What should i do?. Thank you.

  3. I live in Hacienda Hts., CA, and have noticed the home I rent a room in has cracks that are getting larger and the main beams in living room are buckling and are getting worse by the day. Should we be worried? And do other residents in my area have the same worries??

  4. I bought a townhouse from Mattamy in 2015
    this year I have leak during rain from the corner of the house
    I had a flooding from it
    I ca;l Mattamy , men came and he open the insulation
    big crack shows from the top to the bottom in the basement close to my neighbors
    Mattamy intend to seal it from the inside
    is this correct/ I am afraid that this will appear again after winter
    what I should do
    in addition last year appear crack on the floor going from the corner on the side of the garage to the furnace it is about 120 long Mattamy men said that this is normal
    thank you

  5. I just noticed a long crack staring mid height of the wall tilting downwards horizontally. It is close but less than 1/8 of an inch width. Is this serious?
    If so, who should I call and where can I find them?

    Thank you very much for your response.

  6. I bought a house that is less than a year old and I have c2 cracks on my driveway and three on my back porch and yesterday a new one was found on my front porch the width of the entrance they are all less than an 1/8 of an inch and level but it has me concerned being it’s a brand new house!! Should I be worried???

  7. I am renting a house & I’ve noticed a bunch of cracks in the walls on the ceiling on the back of the house and in pavement in backyard. What do I do if the landlord does nothing about them.

  8. Hi , Just recently finished my attic ,and side stoop has cracked and the 2 foot wall attached is on the same side has many cracks that have widen considerably. should I dig down by the house foundation , to see what’s going on.

  9. Hi, Joan,
    It’s hard to know what could be happening without being there in person, but here’s a tip regarding digging.
    If you choose to do this, first call 811 to make sure no utility lines are in the area.
    Take care!

  10. I am very worried about my home in Dfw Texas. The cracks I feel like have gotten significantly worst in the two years of home ownership and I am completely stressed about but my partners does not seem to be in a rush to fix anything.

    I have cracks in the bathroom tiles, cracks leading alone wall and ceiling crease and multiple corners, windows and door ways miss aligned. I also have one Inc the main living room that stretches diagonal and is spidering out.

  11. Hi, I need some advice. I sold my home last November located in Central Texas. It was lawfully sold through a realtor and past inspection. The home was built 1981 – I was the only owner. Other than small cracks in the interior walls I had no problems. I might have to add that I am a yard and plant nut and therefore kept my property well watered during the dry season. The new owner contacted me and informed me that several cracks have appeared outside in the brick walls. She has asked me to have them fixed or will contact a lawyer. The house was sold last November, but the new owner did not move in until sometimes in March of this year. I moved to Missouri, so I am quite some miles away to find someone to inspect the problem and find proper help. Any advice? The new owner sent me some photos, but I don’t know haw to add them to this post.

    • Hi, Solweig,
      It’s unusual for a buyer to make demands after a sale closes.
      You might want to contact an attorney for the best advice in this situation.
      Good luck.


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