How to Cut Border Tile Without Measuring

Here’s an easy way to mark border tile around the edge of the room for cutting without using a tape measure.

  • Place the tile to be cut directly on top of the last full tile.
  • Put another full tile on top of the one to butt cut, and push it up against the wall.
  • Using the edge of the top tile as a guide, draw a line on the bottom tile.
  • Cut the bottom tile to the line for a perfect fit.


  1. You forgot to mention to include one grout line width when you set to complete tile. Otherwise your cut piece will be too wide. Do the math.

  2. What Will already said…he didn’t mark it right. The mark ignores the space the grout joint will need. The piece he marked needs to be marked the full tile from the wall plus what the spacers used are. There’s a well known simple device called a slide marker that can help with that. You can also try rigging something creative together. You can even use a tape measure by marking the needed distance on the tape measure (a full tile plus the spacer/grout joint distance) and use the tape measure off the wall just like how the man in the video used the tile. Simply mark the tile at the same measurement by the tape measurement. The exact way the video shows is the way to mark wood flooring or flooring where there is no grout joint and the separate pieces end up butted together.

  3. I doing my living room floor,I have 3″ x8″ boarder tile ,that has a curve at the 90% point where it returns to the wall,the rest of the field tile are 12×12….how do I cut boarder tile in the turn?


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