Grass turning brown from drought.

Drought can be devastating to your lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden. Here are some tips for dealing with drought in your lawn and garden:

  • Mower Cutting Height: Raise the blade of your lawnmower 2” up from its normal height. This will leave the blades of grass longer and allow them to retain moisture.
  • Mulch: Put mulch around your plants to help prevent water evaporation and keep roots cool.
  • Fertilizer: Stop fertilizing plant and grass until the drought is over.
  • Pruning: Don’t prune your trees during a drought, since it can cause trees and shrubs to go into shock.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I have a brown spot in my lawn that is about fifty feet across , that is all brown and green spot in the middle , about 8 foot circle ,ware its brown the weeds are green , and growing , and some animal is digging up the brown sod , but what is killing the sod , this has never happened in 40 years .


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