How to Clean Inside the Glass on an Oven Door

Cleaning inside the double glass panes on an oven door may appear impossible, but here’s the trick.

How to clean between the glass panes on an oven door:

  • Remove the access panel or drawer below the oven door.
  • Attach a moistened glass cleaning wipe to a piece of coat hanger wire.
  • Slide the wire and cleaning wipe up through the slots in the bottom of the oven door.
  • Move the cleaning wipe back and forth between the glass panes, bending the wire as needed, to clean the glass.
  • Move the wire to each of the slots in the bottom of the oven door to clean all the glass.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Joe Truini: If you’ve cleaned the inside and the outside of your glass oven door and you’re still seeing streaks, it’s because there might be food dripping down on the inside between the panes of glass, as you see here.

This looks like, this streak looks like it’s on the outside, but it’s not. It’s actually on the inner surface of the outer pane, and that other streak is on the inside surface of the inner pane. So, there’s no way to reach it from the outside the door.

So, what do you do? You make a cleaning wand and you go in from below. I removed the access panel from underneath here, and on the edge of the door—the bottom edge of the door—are slots. And you can slip this wand, which is just a bent piece of wire with a moistened glass cleaning wipe on it.

Force it up in there. And there it is. Now, that’s between the glass. So, you have to bend the wire a little bit, but by working it back and forth, there you can see some of that’s already gone after just a minute.

And because there are two or three slots on the bottom edge of this door, you can pull out the cleaning wand, move it over, and clean the entire glass pane from the inside.


  1. I thought I would have to live with a streaked oven window since that episode of exploding Pyrex. Thank you! I may now look at my oven again!

  2. I do not have a panel or drawer. My stove is a double door oven. One on top and one on the bottom.

  3. This worked great on my GE oven. I didn’t even need to remove the bottom panel because the slots were wide enough to do it with the oven door open.
    I attached a paper towel to a folded coat hanger and taped the back and ends so I could remove it without it getting stuck between the glass, the soaked it with Windex. Worked great!
    Thanks. Great fix for an annoying problem.

  4. Thanks!! Worked Great on my Kenmore Elite. (I used a cloth diaper saved from 25 yrs ago; they work great for household cleaning; never used them for intended purpose Ha!) I was tinking I could retrieve it easier than paper towel if it got stuck . With Windex and a few swipes it now looks brand new. I first clean the glass inside oven trying the baking soda method & it didn’t do that good. (It was not very dirty at all just hazy with a little grease) So I got out the ole handy dandy BarKeepers Friend & made a paste & now it sparkles! (Always check with your Manufacterers recommendations first) I was just willing to risk damage ; but none that I could tell. BKF is used on glass top stoves as well. Happy Cleaning All!!

  5. I have a hard enough time cleaning the glass cooktop on my stove with my hands to make sure that it’s clean and shiny and streak-free. How is this going to clean out a wiggly little coat hanger? I’m almost afraid to try it period is there no way to take off part of the door and if I do is it spring loaded so that I can never get it back together again? This sucks.

  6. This worked good at getting the mess from between window but was impossible to really clean it streak free. At least I don’t have to look at the food anymore. Thanks.

  7. My husband took 2 screws out and they came apart and Clean both in minutes!!!
    The way this guy was doing we would still be there!!!

  8. How do you get the glass clean on a microwave door. It seems dirty between the black screen and the glass.

    It’s from microwaving bacon.

  9. my husband and I took the panel off of the in side the secret is you have to pull the door up to where it normally stops at when you open it everything goes right in place, then open all the way to tighten screws.

  10. Are you serious! i have never tried anything so frustrating in my life! My oven door looks worse now! Have control over a hanger and cloth?????

  11. Hi Mr. Truini, I appreciate you taking the time to document this neat way to clean the inside of an oven door glass! It only took me a few minutes and the end result is excellent. Most important, my wife is happy! ….Thank You!

  12. Not this guys fault, but this is unacceptable. Why are ovens designed so that it is easy to drip stuff into the interior of the door anyway. My old stove never had that issue. The vent was at the rear of the stove I think.

  13. Ended up taking door apart. Used vinegar to clean. Unfortunately it removed the paint one the inside of the glass! What kind of paint can I use to clean up the edges?

  14. Response is ridiculous. Should be able to take the glass apart. Bull reason for an appliance that cost over $500. SHAME ON MAYTAG. They are off my purchase list.

  15. I just cleaned it without using a hanger. Instead I used a screwdriver and took two screws out inside top of door. The glass pane separated from the metal door and I easily cleaned both. If I had tried the hanger I’m sure I would have damaged the paint on the inside of the glass!

  16. I did this trick and used a wire handled fly swatter for the tool. The wire looped, so I folded a paper towel around the end, stapled it near the top in the loop so it couldn’t slip off. Soaked it with vinegar and voila! I had no idea that the oven door had an opening to get between the glass–thanks so much for posting! It worked great for me.

  17. The coat hanger method was instrumental as it was our last resort. We tried taking the door off, separating the door from the glass on our Whirlpool Accubake double oven. Did not work no matter how many screws we took out, there were still more and inaccessible screws. Very, very frustrating that thus caliber brand would develop and successfully continue to sell such an impractical product !!! My mother’s oven in Bosnia!!! has a small button on the side of the oven door which separates the door so that the inside of the glass can be cleaned daily. I believe it is Bosch brand.

  18. Why not just loosen the two screws at front inside of door to release the spring action to open up the access to the whole inside..very simple to do..

  19. I like the idea of using a fly swatter rather than a wire hanger….less apt to scratch glass if/when the cloth falls off…ruined a 3 year old stove some years back by hubby taking apart door (was a pain in the butt) and some little piece broke off on one side (plastic of course)….so from that time on the damn door didn’t close tightly and I had to put a chair against it to cook…grrr..until we bought a new one…..

  20. I tried a hanger then a long wooden spoon finally I noticed an old white metal curtain rod in my closet. Took it apart and it worked like a charm ! I even asked a repair guy onetime how to clean it and he told me there is no way it’s the way it’s made !

  21. We have a Frigidaire oven. The door will not remove short of a construction session and I don’the see any holes on the bottom of it. Is there anything else you can recommend to clean the glass? Very hard to clean the oven while working around the open door!

  22. Thank you so much! I’ve been stressing about the funk between my Kenmore oven glass! We’re going to sell our house soon and I want it clean. I’ll be using this process this afternoon!

  23. Thank you!!! This is SO appreciated! The streaks between the glass on my oven has been annoying me for too long!
    with gratitude,

  24. Tried this and the paper came off and stick between the glass. Sliced up 4 fingers working to get it out. I’m just going to have to deal with the drips on the glass!

  25. Joe’s oven-door cleaning tip was the best for me. Before that I didn’t know it was accessible via wider vent slots below the door. I liked that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of taking door off or apart, like other videos suggest. I wrapped and taped an old dishcloth to a bent coat hanger, which provided just the right amount of thickness to get in between the panels. I used glass cleaner and splashed more ammonia on it. Then I used a second dry dishcloth to finish up. Quick and easy. Looks great! Thanks!

  26. I just tried this on my old white Kenmore electric range. There are two holes at the bottom of the door. I used a rag wrapped around the business end of a flyswatter with some Windex sprayed on the rag. It worked pretty well. Not perfect but much better than it was. It was not hard to get the rag out if it fell off the flyswatter because it fell down to where I could grab it through the access holes. Thanks for the tip.

  27. For our Frigidaire model stove, I used the method recommended by Jerry March 3, 2018. Removing just the two screws toward the top end of the door did the trick. The area between the two panes then opens without having to do anything to the hinges! The same screws also release the door handle, so be ready to catch the handle when it falls. No need to mess with other screws. No need to remove insulation or greasy hinges. And, no need to remove any glass panes. When done, just squeeze the two frames back together, align the screws, hold the handle back in place, and screw back together. Having a helper to hold the handle in place is helpful, but otherwise a one man job. And, yes, vinegar does a good job cleaning!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, Patrick!
      Glad to hear it all worked out.
      Take care. 🙂

  28. Thank you I had no idea you could clean between the glass , I tried to clean the glass on my old stove by taking the door off cleaned the glass but the oven temperature was never accurate again after putting the door back on !!

  29. First, this is a very inferior design flaw in the oven door. the oven door glass should be sealed in some way, so drips cannot get in between the glass panes!
    Second: If it had to be poorly designed like this, a proper TOOL to clean between the glass should come with the oven.
    This is inexcusable.
    Third, thank you for showing how to clean between these panes at least.

  30. Someone should invent a cleaning tool for this purpose. I tried the coat hanger wire… but it’s difficult to control – the wipe did not stay on the hanger and got stuck for awhile in between the glass.

  31. I’ve read all the above comments and had a few laughs! Have never been able to figure out how to do it so thanks for ideas. Mine is probably 8 years old and I grit my teeth every time I look at that door! Just afraid to take the whole door apart. May try the method where you work from the bottom . . .

  32. Nice – great tip. What are your suggestions for best way(s) to clean the glass on the inside of the door facing in towards the oven? Regular cleaner? Safety razor?

  33. I saw other instructions that said you have to remove the oven door, which is not difficult, but this is even easier. Thank you.

  34. I found the perfect tool! A long dryer lint wand works…it’s long, bendable, and has a handle so you don’t lose it. I wrapped a damp cIoth with Windex and Dawn (to cut the grease) around the wand. It’s long enough enough to swish it back and forth, pointy at the end to reach the corners. I never thought I’d get this cleaned!


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