How to Choose Environmentally Friendly Furnishings for Your Home

The furnishings in this green home were made with environmentally friendly materials. Rugs were chosen that used vegetable dyes while the furniture was constructed with soy based cushions covered by natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and bamboo.


Danny Lipford: We’re taking a closer look at building green specifically this house in Fairhope, Alabama which was the first one in the state to be certified by the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program.

Now from the beginning, architect Bob Chatham and builder Jeremy Friedman decided they wanted to prove that a green house didn’t have to be ugly. So ecstatic were a very important part of designing this home. Now when they decided to do all of the furnishings to really show this place off, they had two priorities, attractive and green.

Melanie Leberte: In this house, we actually get a piece, a lot of different green materials. For example, all of the area are rugs, they are dyed using vegetable dyes which are environmentally friendly. And then whenever you get here upholstery pieces like sofas, you can use soy-based cushions like that’s what’s the inside of the cushion, the filler part. And then outside you see these natural materials such as linen, cotton and some bandage.

My favorite piece is aluminium table on the master bedroom, just because it shows that you can still have stylish looking furniture that is environmentally friendly.


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