How to Build a Portable Workbench from a Hollow Core Door

Portable workbench made from hollow core door.
Portable workbench made from hollow core door.

An old hollow core door makes a perfect workbench that is both lightweight and easy to store.

Start by laying the door on the floor and position two collapsible sawhorses upside down on top of it a foot or so from each end.

Screw the sawhorses to the solid wood frame that runs around the outer edge of the door with 1¼” screws. Turn it upright, and it’s ready for use.

To store the workbench, flip it over and fold up the collapsible legs.

Store it flat against a wall.


  1. Hey JC: The sawhorses shown in the video are called Fulton Folding Sawhorses. I got them at Sears, but you can also find them at most hardware stores.

    Good luck!

    Joe T.


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