Homemade Pipe Extension Handle for Tools

Using a pipe for a socket wrench tool handle extension to loosen a bolt on a lawn mower tractor tire.

A piece of pipe, such as electrical conduit pipe, makes a great extension handle for socket wrenches, pipe wrenches, or other tools to provide more leverage when loosening bolts or pipe fittings.

Simply slip a suitable length of pipe over the handle of the tool, then pull on the pipe. Pipe can also be used over a hammer handle to make pulling nails easier.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: When using a ratchet wrench, sometimes you need a little extra leverage to loosen extremely tight or rusted on nuts or bolts. That’s a situation I have here with this lawn tractor. Now, to gain that leverage, all you need is a length of metal conduit, this pipe that’s typically used for running electrical wiring.

Just slip it over the handle, and put the wrench on the nut. And what that does is extends the handle and provides a great amount of leverage for busting through even the most rusted, corroded nuts, bolts. And in this case, because the handle is right up against the tire which makes it very difficult to grab, the extra pipe—the extra leverage—also works as a longer handle just so I can operate the tool more efficiently.

Now, this same idea can work for pipe wrenches, for loosening really rusted plumbing fittings. Of course you need a slightly longer, larger diameter pipe. And I’ve even used it for hammers, to slip a large pipe over the handle of the hammer for yanking out stubborn nails.


  1. That is a way to break a socket wrench and in the process hurt yourself.

    The internal mechanism of a socket wrench is sized to handle the load that a human being can apply to its integral handle. If the tiny pawl inside breaks or a tooth breaks under load, the wrench will rapid spin free.

    You are better off using a forged box (closed end_ wrench and slipping a large diameter pipe over its end.


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