Homemade Flashlight Stand

Flashlight stand made from electrical cable.
DIY flashlight stand made from electrical cable.

To make a stand to aim a flashlight hands-free while working:

  1. Cut a piece of electrical wire about 2’ long.
  2. Wrap the wire around the flashlight.
  3. Bend each end of the wire to form legs.
  4. Stand the flashlight up and point the light where needed.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: This is not a tip about how to use a flashlight, right? I mean, you don’t need my help with that. That’s how you use a flashlight. But this is how you can enhance the use of your flashlight with a length of electrical cable.

Here’s a piece Romex that I cut about two-feet long or so. What you can do with it is wrap it around the flashlight and twist it tight. And then you can bend it, bend the cable to form legs. Now you can aim the light exactly where you need it. See that? Just like that. And you can aim it down low or up high. It all depends on how you bend the cable itself, which form little legs.

Now, this is great if you keep a flashlight in your car, and you have to change a tire at night and need both hands free. Or if you do a lot of work under a sink, a kitchen sink, or you’re doing plumbing work. And you have your hands—you’re lying on your back—you have the tools in your hands.

And the other nice thing is you can leave the cable on the flashlight, bend little hooks into them. And then you can just hang it in your shop, and it’s ready whenever you are.


  1. I was perusing online sites about my dripping a/c unit installed in my condo when I came across your site. I know I must have been on here before (I go everywhere for good diy tips!) but instead of watching your video on drip, drip, drips my eyes glanced at ALL these way cooler tips, videos, etc. (more fun than having to fix something…). No brainer I went hunting for fun, the a/c can wait! I’m sooooo tired of not just having to fix my own home ingrown problems, but actually knowing how! I don’t know who to blame ? Women’s lib? Gen X’s? Or the seemingly endangered or extinct? good ole neighbro’ who use to be my go to fixer upper…Now my neighbros are more feminine than I am and ask ME how to fix the whatchamacallit! I suppose I will have to be content with the fact that the internet age has made it possible for me to fix, make or build just about anything within reason and that is OK! It also opened the garage doors where once only men hid behind with their ‘honey do projects excuse for the weekend’… I say “HA!” While they tinkered, looked exhausted, talked over situations with their buds over a beer or two, expected room service for the entire time (the whole weekend) they were fixing stuff; It was a big scam! It was an excuse to do cool stuff made to look like work! And it excused them from any real work! Boy, what a life. But alas, for whatever reasons I’ve already pondered, women are aware of the garage scam because we are in there now. Unfortunately, just as we gained the knowledge we also lost the guys somewhere down the line and a lot of their male counterparts also. So there you have it; We still can’t win for losing! We don’t even have anybody to say “look honey, isn’t that nice?” That’s how I got my neighbros asking me how to fix things, dummy. But I have totally digressed by wanting to tell you how much I love, love, love your site and tips and this flashlight holder is so simple it’s brilliant! What’s not cooler, is I bought (not cheaply either) two wire thingees that are meant to do exactly the same type of helping hand stuff in different colors. Yippee! I’d rather have the orange stuff. Great idea too bad you didn’t patent it first! Those things are expensive like 2@$8! So I thank you for showing how to save some money and have a blast while doing it even though I have to do the un-fun stuff now too….


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