Half Time Drill Driver Product Review

Half Time Drill Driver

Half Time Drill Driver

Use: All in one drill bit and driver attachment.
Cost: $14.95 + $7.95 S&H = $22.90 total
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The Half Time Drill Driver is a reversible drilling and driving attachment for your drill that allows you to insert a drill bit in one end and a driver in the other, then flip back and forth between the two to reduce the time it take to drill holes and insert screws.

We found the Half Time Drill Driver cumbersome to use with significant wobble when drilling or driving. In our timed test, it took about the same amount of time to use as chucking and removing a standard drill bit and driver.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: I love the products that are supposed to save you a lot of time. This one’s called Half Time Drill Driver. It’s supposed to save you a lot of time when you’re drilling holes and then driving screws in. But, I’m not real sure how much time it will actually save.

It has a little pivot where you can put a drill in one end and then you can put the drill driver in the other end. So, the obvious test will be to do a little timing and everything. So why don’t you time me on this one. So let’s see. All right so I have this, so let’s start out with a regular traditional thing here.

All right, I’ll tell you what. I’ve got a screw here and I’ve got these so you tell me when, I’ll grab that, and we’ll see how long it takes.

Allen Lyle: All right, and go!

Danny Lipford: All right. OK pilot holes done. Take this out, put this in. And the screw is in.

Allen Lyle: OK, stop. You’re a little over 21 seconds.

Danny Lipford: OK, ready when you are.

Allen Lyle: All right and go!

Danny Lipford: That’s pretty long. OK drilling my pilot hole. Ah, a little wobble.

Allen Lyle: A little? Gosh!

Danny Lipford: Then you just flip this around.

Allen Lyle: You’re in a race now. Got to race. Come on.

Danny Lipford: Now, it’s the screw going in. And it’s in.

Allen Lyle: A little over 21 seconds. They’re almost identical.

Danny Lipford: I don’t really know about that, you know you, and I’ll tell you the thing about it, Allen, this thing is $15 bucks, plus $8 shipping and handling. So you’re talking about $23 dollars for that. Of course you get a lot of bits and a fancy little carrying case. But I’ll tell you. The old reliable multi bit like this.

Allen Lyle: Oh yeah, yeah combo.

Danny Lipford: The combo, that’s only about $10 bucks.

Just shy of $23 dollars seems like a high price to pay for mediocre performance, so we’re giving it a two out of five stars.


  1. Hi, I purchased the Half Time Drill Driver for my husband and the first time he used it a drill bit basically fell apart and the drill driver was worthless. Consumers need to have better protection than being ripped off by get rich schemes with products made in China.

  2. Bought 4 sets as stocking stuffers. 2 broke the first time they were used other 2 look like they won’t last very long. Bad purchase on my part. 0 stars. Can’t even find a contact point to get in touch with the company that makes this garbage.


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