I’m at the Kuppersmith Project where the team from CertaPro Painters are working hard to take care of all of the painting for the house, both inside and out.

A lot of work goes into completing a big painting project like this, but I’m so glad to finally see the paint colors going on the walls. I really like the contrast of the darker colors and the white trim, which is being used throughout the house.

Painting really makes a big difference in the finished look of a house like this one. And as we progress on this project, I look forward to showing you how all of the colors come together. You can find a list of all the paint colors at Kuppersmith Project Interior Paint Colors.


  1. I visited the house during your open house weekends. What a wonderful project! The house is beautiful and features so many fine details. In particular, I wanted to know what paint colors were used. Is this information available on your web site or can you provide them?


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