Grass Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

A green healthy lawn starts with proper mowing techniques. Here are some tips on how to mow your lawn:

  • Adjust Blade Height: Cutting your lawn too short can inhibit root development and make grass weak and thin. For proper mowing, adjust the height of the blade on your lawn mower so it cuts only one third of the grass blade each time.
  • Sharpen Blade: It’s important to sharpen your lawn mower blade regularly. A sharp blade cuts grass cleanly. A dull blade leaves grass frayed and ragged, which can result in disease and insect infestation.

Watch this video to find out more.


If you’re interested in making your lawn thick, green, and healthy; start by changing your mowing habits. Mowing too short restricts leaf development making lawns weak and thin. You should only remove one third of the grass blade height per mowing, so that the plants focus on root development, not re-growing leaves.

Finally, be sure that your mower blade is sharp, so it cuts the grass cleanly, instead of tearing it, since ragged leaves are more susceptible to disease and insect damage.

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