Garage or Workshop Wall Stud Shelves

Every homeowner can use more storage space, so we’ll show you how to add a shelf down each side of your garage. These shelves are located up high so they’ll be out of the way and need to meet the following criteria:

    • They must be high enough so you don’t bump your head while walking under them.
    • They must be low enough to accommodate whatever you plan to store on them.
  • And most importantly, they must be sturdy enough to support the weight.

Since there are no interior walls in our garage, the shelves will be supported with triangular brackets cut from ¾” plywood that are attached directly to the sides of the studs as they were on our workbench.

First, mark a level horizontal line at the height of the top of the brackets.

Next, cut the brackets out of plywood.

Then screw the brackets to the studs every 3’ to 4’, making sure they are even and level.

Cut the 16″ wide composite shelving material to length using a circular saw.

Finally, screw the shelves in place on top of the brackets.