Eco-Friendly Uses for Soybeans

We’ve come to depend on many harsh chemical cleaners and solvents when more natural, greener solutions are often available. Soybeans have many uses including:

  • Food products
  • Paint stripper
  • Spray lubricant
  • Foam insulation


I think it’s a shame that we’ve come to depend on so many harsh chemical cleaners and solvents when, in many cases, a more natural, greener solution is available. Take, for instance, the many uses of the soybean. You already know about the food products, but did you know that a very effective paint stripper is made from soybean oil? It’s an all-natural, bio-degradable product tough enough to remove even lead based paints. Another non-toxic soybean solution is a spray lubricant. It prevents rust and corrosion, loosens up those stubborn nuts & bolts and it won’t evaporate like its toxic petroleum based cousin. The best part is that besides doing the same job as those harsh chemical solvents, these soy products have no ill affect on the environment. So take a little time to clear out the cleaning closet and re-stock it with solutions direct from Mother Nature.


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