Freecycle Online Local Reuse Network

Rather than throwing away items you no longer need, why not give them to someone else to reuse instead?

The The Freecycle Network™ is a grassroots, online community that’s easy to use with millions of members all around the world.

Simply post unwanted items on the local Freecycle website to make them available for other members who might need them, or search the website yourself for items you might want. Membership and all items posted are free.


I’ve talked a lot about the importance of recycling and re-using. But let me ask you this . . . what do you think about starting a worldwide group of people who give and get good stuff for free? If you need something, you go to your group. If you have something you don’t need any more, tell your group about it. Something like that could keep millions of pounds of perfectly good, reusable stuff out of the city dump.

Well, guess what? A group like that already exists. There’s over seven million members and growing and, here’s the best part . . . membership is free. It’s called the Freecycle Network and, according to its own mission statement, it’s a “gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on landfills.” It’s a FREE YARD SALE! Go to and see if there’s a group near you. Green giving . . . who knew?


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