Free Stuck Nuts and Bolts with Husky’s Extraction Set

Few things are more frustrating than trying to remove a damaged bolt or nut.

You know the kind: the edges are rounded over so it won’t fit in a socket and it’s hard to get a good grip.

And if it ever comes out, there’s no way to ever re-use it!

That’s where the Husky 7-Piece Bolt Extraction Socket Set comes in. These sockets feature a tapered throat that allows them to easily seat onto a damaged fastener and ensures the fastener will not become lodged in the socket after removal.

They are also designed to grip in both the left-hand and right-hand directions, so you can actually reuse the damaged fastener if you need to.

The set includes five extraction sockets and two impact adapters so they can be used with an impact driver or a ratchet. And the Chromoly construction means they’ll last 10 times longer than comparable tools.

Find the Husky 7-Piece Bolt Extraction Socket Set at The Home Depot

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

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