Foundation Cracks

Danny takes a look at foundation cracks under a carpet and helps sort out when to worry and when not to. Many times these cracks are from expansion and contraction, but in the rare case of something more serious from settling, you may need to call in a structural engineer.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Sir, what if the crack is going down the cement blocks both inside foundation and outside walls (2)? Is it irreparable or just how would it be repaired?
    Thank you!

  2. sir.what if the cracks were located only in the garage floor….I have cracks, that are level but they are travelly across the room,almost full length and wt. of the garage floor in two direction,when i tap on the cracks they make a hollow sound.what do i do.How do I repair

  3. Derek: There is a process called concrete injecting that is used to correct problems once the problem has been identified. If you are hearing a hollow sound it stands to reason that perhaps there was too much moisture in the mix when it was poured or it was incorrectly poured and air pockets formed. I would think that would be a case where this injection process could be used. But I am not an expert I have just recently done alot of reading about concrete problems having gone through some problems of this kind myself. I have not priced this option for myself, overlayments and such in this area are outrageous, however you would not want an overlayment done on an unstable foundation. (at least I wouldn’t) Deb

  4. Hi,

    We have discovered a crack under a carpeted room as well, however the concrete around the crack is wet and the carpet has also always had a moist smell about it as well. Sometimes if something is placed on top of the carpet it also becomes moist. We live in Houston, TX. The crack is level and very small less than 1/8 of an inch but run about 4 feet in length. Could we possibly fix ourselves? or does this type of problem need a professional any help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Ester Marie

  5. Okay im m house to where the floors aren’t cracking but as shown you’re video it’s the walls and the ceilings and the beam also have crack n it from 1 end to other end of the celing lets put it this way the paint on the walls its peeling n big sections on walls and just falling im I’ve been ? things online trying figure out exactly what the problem may be what’s the cause of it.

  6. i have a crack in my ceiling. it goes from my living room to my kitchen. every time i get it fixed it will come back. my question is what am i doing wrong? my home is a double wide sitting on a slab of concrete.

    • Hi, Wanda,
      Danny says, “The crack is probably a result of expansion and contraction and needs to be stabilized by installing blocking, which can be a 2-by-4 if attic access is available. Then, use drywall screws approximately 6 inches apart on each side of the crack.
      Good luck!”


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