Fluidmaster Click-Seal Toilet Connector Supply Line

The nut on the Fluidmaster Click-Seal Toilet Connector supply line clicks when the proper tightness has been reached to prevent over tightening, which can crack the nut and cause the seal to leak. The supply line is made from durable, braided stainless steel tubing for long life.

The Fluidmaster Click-Seal Toilet Connector comes in 9”, 12”, and 20” lengths and is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: Now, if you’re going to take on a whole bathroom renovation, or you’re just going to replace the floor in your bathroom, you’re going to have to take out the toilet. And once you do that, you’re going to have to disconnect your supply lines. Well, here’s a good tip. Go ahead and replace those old supply lines with new supply lines, because supply lines can break down over time and that can cause a big mess in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, Shea, you’ve got a new supply line right there in your hand. Tell me about it.

Shea Pettaway: That’s right, Jodi. Fluidmaster has come out with a twist click seal. And the great thing about this is that to avoid turning it, overturning it, it has an audible sound to it.

Jodi Marks: So it makes a click.

Shea Pettaway: It sure does.

Jodi Marks: So once you hear the click you will know, “Don’t tighten me down anymore.” Because a lot of people do that. They hand tighten it as hard as they can. And then they get their wrench in there and give it one extra turn. And what they don’t realize is that they have actually caused a crack or could possibly cause a crack by over-tightening it. And again, that can lead to flooding in your bathroom. Now, another thing, too, about this which I like is that it won’t corrode over time. Correct?

Shea Pettaway: That’s right. It avoids harsh chemicals that’s coming through your water line. It’s going to have a resistor to it.

Jodi Marks: That’s perfect. Okay, here’s again. Here’s a good tip for you. Replace those supply lines, and get one so that you know you don’t over-tighten it.


  1. I had a leak around the Fluidmaster valve on the underneath side of the side. So I decided to replace the water supply and decided that the Click-seal supply was the way to go. I disassembled the valve, replace the seal, and attached the Click-seal until it clicked. I slowly turned on the water supply and it sprayed water all over. I disassembled and tried again, also unsuccessfully. I am ready to return it to Home Depot and purchase a regular supply line.


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