Flour Layout Lines

When marking off an area for a sidewalk or patio, it can be difficult trying to dig around the layout string. To solve this problem, hammer in the stakes and attach the string, then sprinkle flour in a line on top of the string.

Remove the string and dig along the flour line.

To make a curved pattern, layout a garden hose in the shape desired.

Sprinkle the flour on top of the garden hose to form a layout line.

Remove the hose and dig along the pattern where the hose was.


  1. I’m just about to begin a landscaping project and this is a great hint to start me off! I knew about the hose, but not to use flour to mark it. Thank you

  2. Hi Patty, Glad you liked our white-flour landscaping tip. I’ve used this trick several times and it works great. But, if you plan to mark the layout lines several days before digging, try using line-marking spray paint. If you use flour, and it rains, you’ll lose your layout lines. Anyway, good luck and thanks for writing.–Joe T.


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