Fixing Up a Farmhouse Front Porch

We’ve preserved this 1901 farmhouse’s historic charm and added some touches to make it more beautiful.

We’re fixing up the front porch on homeowners Jared and Christie Lyles’ farmhouse.

The porch surfaces are worn and a dingy; the under-skirting looks more farm than farmhouse, and without working lights, fans or even the door lock, it isn’t very functional.  

Some of the projects we cover in this episode include:

  • Repair Front Columns
  • Repair and Refinish the Door
  • Revive the Door Set and Lock
  • Build New Shutters
  • Repair Porch Skirting and Install Lattice
  • Install Ceiling Fans and Light Fixture

Check out the ‘Fixing Up a Farmhouse Front Porch’ episode article for more information on this project!


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