Fiskars Anvil Ratchet Loppers

Closeup of Fiskars loppers

Cutting limbs on trees with standard loppers can be difficult if the branch is very thick. Fiskars 24” Anvil Ratchet Loppers employ a six-step ratcheting action to increase the force applied, allowing you to cut through branches up to 2” thick with less effort.

The blades on Fiskars Anvil Ratchet Loppers are rust-resistant and precision ground with a titanium coated to keep the cutters razor sharp.

Fiskars Anvil Ratchet Loppers are available at The Home Depot.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: Now, you know, I love being outdoors, working on the lawn or in my garden. But there is a tool that frustrates me every time, and that’s pruning my trees. Because I’ve got my set of loppers, I’m going around, and I try to get a really thick branch, so that I can cut it off. And I actually get my loppers caught in the branch. Then I’ve got to go and get something like a pruning saw so I’m dragging around a couple of tools just to do one little project—until now.

Take a look at this. These are a set of loppers by Fiskars. Now, this is an anvil cut. And look how this works. With this hand stationary, I’m going to move the handle this way, and see that ratchet action I get? And I can cut that branch in no time—up to two inches thick.

So think about it. Now it’s going to save time, it’s going to save energy, and I can cut larger branches. You know what? I think pruning may become my favorite outdoor activity.


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