Easy and Efficient Way to Pick Up Leaves

Raking leaves is one of my least favorite chores, mostly because it leads to picking up those leaves. No one enjoys picking up leaves and with good reason.

The raking is tedious enough, but then there’s all the bending and stooping to pick them up and get them into a container to dispose of them. It’s a dusty, dirty job that seems to take forever.

That frustration was the inspiration for the Effortless Leaf Collector. They’re sold in pairs, and while these may look like a couple of over-sized frog feet, when you use them together they make the chore of picking up leaves much easier and much more efficient.

A pair of Effortless Leaf Collector rake claws on the ground outside
Effortless leaf collector makes picking up leaves easier and more efficient than ever!

Because you are able to pick up lots more leaves with every scoop, there’s less bending, less effort and less time scooping, which means more time to do something else.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

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