How to Block Drafts from Entering Under Doors

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To install a Duck® Brand Triple Draft Seal door sweep:

    1. Measure the width of the door.
    2. Use a hacksaw to cut the door sweep to the exact width of the door.
    3. Open the door and slide the door sweep on from the latch side of the door until it’s flush with the edges of the door.
    4. Slide the door sweep up or down until it contacts the threshold enough to seal without preventing the door from closing.

Watch this video to find out more.

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The Duck Brand Triple Draft Seal is a great way to keep outside air from sneaking in under an entry door and installation is easy.

Begin by measuring the width of the door itself. Then, using a hacksaw, or similar tool, cut the seal to exactly that dimension. Press the sides of the seal out with your hands so that it slides up on to the bottom of the door near the latch side. Then slowly push it across the door until the edges of the seal are flush with the edges of the door.

Now you’ll want to adjust the seal up or down as needed to make sure it contacts the threshold enough to seal without preventing the door from closing. Once in place the seal’s friction fit will keep it from moving and the three sealing fins on the bottom will stop the flow of unwanted air beneath your door.

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  1. I live in West Ryde and want something to prevent unwanted smells from cooking coming under my door. Can you please let me know if I should go for the triple or double version of duck brand.


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