Using polyurethane construction adhesive to secure dry stacked stones in place.
Using polyurethane construction adhesive to secure dry stacked stones.

Dry stone stacking, using RumbleStone Outdoor Building Blocks from Pavestone, is a great way to build everything from outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to planters and benches.

To dry stack stones:

  1. Start with a solid, level surface.
  2. Arrange the first layer of stones.
  3. Apply polyurethane construction adhesive to hold the stones in place.
  4. Lay the second layer of stones on top of the first.
  5. Continue stacking stones, applying construction adhesives to each layer except the top one.

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Pavestone: Creating Beautiful Landscapes

Further Information

You don’t have to be a master mason to create beautiful planters or outdoor fireplaces if you use the dry stack method for laying stones.

Start with a solid, level surface and carefully arrange the first layer of stone. Before you lay each additional layer, apply a generous amount of polyurethane construction adhesive around the outer perimeter. The adhesive doesn’t have to hold up the stones, just keep them from shifting out of position.

The results are beautiful projects that you create yourself.

This tip brought to you by Pavestone: Creating Beautiful Landscapes.

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  1. We would like to do a bench from pavestone like the one on the cover of the catalog but we can’t find a plan that shows how to lay the bricks, what bricks to use, or how much is needed?


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