Door Saver II Bumperless Door Stop

Door Saver II from Perfect Products is a bumperless door stop that replaces the hinge pin in your door. Installation is easy, and the rotating cam allows you to fine tune how wide the door will open. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. So has anyone been able to buy one of these yet? I saw it on a home show on TV back in February 2010. I’ve been checking their website periodically ever since but the ability to order isn’t functional. In fact, it says “available this spring”. Well, I first saw it in winter; spring and summer have both come and gone and I still can’t order. I’ve emailed the company directly back in June, and never got a response.

    • Hi Hal,
      I spoke to a representative at Perfect Products, and he said that the Door Saver II is in production and should be available for purchase on their website by January 2011.


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