Door Holder

Almost everyone has a door in their house that won’t stay where it’s put. It always wants to swing closed. A wedge doorstop is one solution, but they invariably get lost. Sometimes removing and slightly bending the door’s hinge pin will create enough friction to make the door stay put.

Another option is to create a magnetic door catch. To do this, first install a doorstop behind the door. Make sure you use a doorstop with a steel end – most metal doorstops are aluminum or brass so they won’t work. We used a plastic doorstop and put a steel screw and washer on the end. Then we installed a magnetic cabinet latch on the back of the door so that it lined up with the stop. When the door is opened all the way, the magnet holds it tight against the stop.


  1. Hi Dan,
    I’m trying to locate a spring loaded verticle rod door holder. It has a 24″ to 30″ rod which contacts the floor. The downward spring tension holds the door at any position. It releases by pulling up & rotating the rod about 90 deg. The units are surface mounted & have a mounting bracket at the top and bottom of the rod.
    I’ve been searching the web with no luck so far.
    Can you direct me to a source that has this item?
    Thanks soooo much,

  2. I am presently designing what you are asking for. I have several prototypes that work great and I am finalizing the design and ordering parts for the production model


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