How to Turn a Breadbox into a Charging Station

Here’s how to convert a breadbox into a charging station that’s perfect for recharging cordless devices, including phones and tablets.

How to Make Breadbox Charging Station

    1. Drill Holes: Drill a 1½” diameter hole in the back of the breadbox near the bottom and another hole near the top.
    1. Attach Power Strip: Use self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener to attach a surge protected power strip to the bottom of the breadbox to hold it in place.
    1. Plug in Power Strip: Feed the power strip plug through the bottom hole in the back of the breadbox and plug it into an electrical outlet.
    1. Charge Devices: Plug the charger for phones and other electronic devices into the power strip and the device.
  1. Close Breadbox Door: Close the door of the breadbox to hide the power strip and devices from site.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: Every kitchen used to have a breadbox, but not so much anymore. Well, we found a way to bring back the breadbox by converting it into a convenient charging garage.

Here I took the breadbox, and I started by drilling two holes in the back—they’re both one and a half inches diameter. One near the bottom for the plug that goes to the power strip, and the second hole is to let air out, hot air vent out of the back of the box.

Then I used Velcro strip—a long Velcro strip—to adhere the power strip to the bottom of the box. That’s just to keep the power strip from shifting around.

And now you have a convenient place to plug in all of your devices—phones, rechargeable batteries for telephones and cameras, also for tablets—anything you can fit in here, you can charge up, you just plug directly into the power strip.

And the really nice thing about this is once the devices are in there, that whole tangled mess can be hidden away by simply closing the door.


  1. I was just watching an episode where you showed a phone charger with both a wall plug and car plug to keep it charged. Can you please identify this?


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