Digitally Controlled Shower Installed in Kuppersmith Project House

Our plumber has just finished roughing in the plumbing for the shower in one of the Kuppersmith Project bathrooms. The shower will incorporate a showerhead, body sprayers, and a handheld sprayer. But what’s really cool is that there isn’t any plumbing going to the shower valve, just a single wire. That’s because this shower will be equipped with the ioDIGITAL shower valve from Moen.

Rather than controlling the temperature and flow of water in the shower valve, the pipes are routed through a processor mounted in the attic above the bathroom, which digitally controls everything that happens in the shower. The shower comes with both a remote control and a wall mounted shower controller that allow you to preset the shower to your exact personal preferences for the perfect showering experience every time.

I can’t wait to show you the finished shower in action, so be sure to check back to follow our progress.


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