Delta Dominic Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O and Spotshield Technology

Delta Dominic kitchen faucet mounted on wall display in home center surrounded by other faucets.
Delta Dominic kitchen faucet with Touch2O and Spotshield Technology.

The Delta Dominic kitchen faucet (model# 19940T-SPSD-DST) is a single-handle faucet that can be turned on or off at a touch.

Delta Dominic faucet features include:

    • Touch2O Technology: Allows you to turn the faucet on or off by touching anywhere on the spout.
    • Spotshield Technology: Reduces bacteria growth, fingerprints, and water spots on the stainless steel surface so the faucet stays clean longer.
    • MagnaTite Docking: Employs a magnet to hold the pull-down spray nozzle securely on the faucet when not in use.
    • Automatic Water Shut-off: Turns the water off after four minutes in case the faucet is accidentally left running.
    • Water Temperature Indicator: LED light at base of faucet glows red when the water is hot and blue if the water is cold.
  • Soap Dispenser: Includes a matching finish, stainless steel soap dispenser.

The Delta Dominic kitchen faucet available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know I love all the innovative ideas that are now available for a kitchen faucet, and there are a lot to choose from. But take a look at this one by Delta.

This is their Dominic stainless faucet for the kitchen. There are a couple of different features. One that I like is that it’s got the Spotshield Technology, which means that when water comes in contact with it, it won’t leave a water spot. And it also eliminates fingerprints, so you’re not having to clean it as much.

Another thing I like, it’s got the MagnaTite Docking System. There’s a magnet in here, so that when you pull down the hose when it pulls back into place, it locks into place.

But what I like best about this is that it’s a handless technology for turning it on. So if you’ve got pots in your hands or your hands are full or they’re dirty, all you’ve got to do is tap anywhere on the surface with your elbow or with your wrist, and it turns the water on.

And down here is an LED light that’s either going to be blue or pink or red. If it’s red you know that water’s hot, so you don’t want to stick it underneath it. So they’ve really incorporated a lot into this one little faucet.


  1. Bought this product from Home Depot in Feb., 2017. Says batteries last up to 2 years. Have had to replace good quality batteries EVERY 3 MONTHS! Faucet won’t work when batteries are low! Must remove the electronic unit from the faucet water lines to bypass the useless electronic function, which means paying a plumber! Do NOT buy this product!!!

  2. I bought this faucet with the idea that water will come out of facet as a soft arching water over the plates when rinsing. It does not do that. Please help. I am disappointed because I bought it for that purpose.


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