Delta Corrente Toilet with SmartFit Connections

The Delta Corrente elongated toilet features:

  • Elongated bowl
  • 17” tall chair height, seat for ease of use
  • Quick release seat for easy cleaning
  • SmartFit tank to bowl connection
  • Factory installed supply line
  • WaterSense rated 1.28 gallons per flush
  • EZ Out toilet removal kit

The Delta Corrente toilet is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know if you’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation, or you’re just thinking about changing out your toilet for a new one, look no further than right here. This is the Delta Corrente elongated toilet. And there are a couple of good features about this that I want to highlight for you.

First of all it’s got what they call chair height. And chair height means that the—the industry standard used to be 14 inches—but chair height actually takes it up to 17 inches, which is what the typical height of your chair is. So this is perfect if you’re going to age in place, because they say chair height is a lot safer getting down and getting back up.

Now, another feature that I like about this is that right here where the tank meets the bowl, a lot of times you get a lot of leakage. And also where the supply line comes out of the tank. Well, Delta has come up with a SmartFit connection, so that the tank into the bowl gets a nice tight fit. And they’ve also factory installed the supply line so it eliminates leaks there.

Another thing I like about this is it’s got the smart sense, WaterSense certification, so that you save water and money over time. And who doesn’t like to do that?



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