Dealing with Kitchen Renovation Debris

We’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation and are removing all the old cabinets so they can be replaced with new ones. One common problem contractors and homeowners have when tackling a kitchen renovation like this is what to do with everything that’s leftover.

We try to recycle or reuse anything we can in a kitchen renovation, but there’s still going to be a lot of waste left behind. So what do you do with all the debris when the job is too small to bring in a big Dumpster?

A great solution I’ve found is the Bagster® Dumpster in a Bag®. Pick up the Bagster bag at a home center or other retail outlet, spread it out in your yard near the street or your driveway, and fill the bag up with all the unusable waste and debris from your kitchen renovation.

The Bagster bag holds up to three cubic yards (3,300 pounds) of debris, enough to handle this kitchen renovation project in one bag. Once the Bagster bag is full, simply go online to, or call their toll-free number, and schedule a pick up from Waste Management at your home. What could be easier?


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