DAP DryDex Wall Repair Patch Kit

Applying DAP DryDex to hole in drywall.

The DAP DryDex Wall Repair Patch Kit comes with everything you need to repair holes in drywall up to 3″ in diameter, including:

  • Spackling
  • Self-adhesive wall patch
  • Sandpaper
  • Putty knife

The DAP DryDex Wall Repair Patch Kit is available at The Home Depot.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know, so many times we talk about improving your home, but sometimes you got to do a little bit of repair as well. And I love it when manufacturers put a kit together for me, so all I got to do is come and pluck it off the shelf, go home, and make my repair. Especially my wall repairs.

Now DAP has come out with a great product. This is it opened up, I opened it up to show you what all comes in the kit. Now this isn’t anything new. DAP came out with DryDex several years ago. And when you apply it, it goes on pink, but then when it dries and it’s ready to sand, you know it’s ready because it turns white.

Another thing though that comes in this kit that I like, is a little putty knife. You also get a little sanding pad. But this is where the magic begins. It’s got a little peel and stick aluminum adhesive here that you stick right over the hole. So all you have to do is put this over the hole. And you can get up to a three-inch hole repair on this kit.

And then what you do is then you take your spackle and you spread it out, smooth it out, feathering it around the edges. Let it dry, sand it. You should probably go ahead and do a second coat. Let that dry, sand it. And then you’ll be ready to prime and paint in no time.


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