Crescent Adjustable Pass-Thru Wrench Set

Crescent Adjustable pipe wrench and ratcheting pass-thru socket wrench.
Crescent Adjustable pipe wrench and ratcheting pass-thru socket wrench.

The Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set from Crescent (model # CPTAW8) is three tools in one. One end functions as a standard adjustable wrench, and the jaw can be reversed to act as an adjustable pipe wrench with a 1” capacity. The other end of the tool contains a ratcheting pass-thru socket wrench.

The Crescent Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set comes with 10 X6™ SAE/Metric Universal Sockets, which fit 3/8” to 3/4” bolts, and is available at The Home Depot.

11 Piece Crescent Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: You know, I’m the believer that you can never have too many power tools or hand tools, and is always nice to have them all spread out. That way you got them right there, when you need them.

But I also will admit that it’s nice when you just have one tool that can do a lot of different functions. Take a look at this one right here by Crescent.

Now this is their Pass-Thru adjustable wrench set. Now, it is a Crescent wrench, and let me just show you this, because I’ve got it set up right here. All I got to do is loosen this, though; and, look, it comes right off.

And on this side, I’ve got teeth, and I slide this in and lock it in place, and now it becomes a pipe wrench. So that’s ready to go.

Another thing, another feature, another tool, rather; is that, look, I’ve got this socket ratchet set here on the end. So I can put any number of different sizes on here, lock it in place. And, of course, you reverse it that way. And I’ve got a ratchet set. And there’s also a pass-through, so I’m not limited to what I can work on.

So I like having all these tools but if you want to have one tool that can do a lot, Crescent’s got one right here for you.



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