Creating Garage Storage Zones

Garage with zone for tools.
Garage with zone for tools.

When organizing your garage, set up specific areas or zones to store different types of items and equipment.

Common Garage Zones Include:

  • Lawn and garden tools and supplies.
  • Automotive tools and products.
  • Bike racks and hangers for helmets.
  • Sporting equipment and balls.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Further Information

Allen Lyle: One great way to simplify your life and maximize the available space in your garage is to organize the area by creating different zones for different uses.

It only makes sense, for example, that all of your lawn and garden tools and accessories would be stored near each other. In addition to tools, like your mower, use this area for supplies like fertilizer and potting soils.

Whether your car lives in the garage or not, it needs a place for the stuff associated with it. Car waxes, cleaning products, chamois, and brushes need their own spot, as do motor oils and other fluids for use under the hood.

Transportation for the kids usually takes the form of a bicycle, and there are lots of different solutions for storing those. But don’t forget to store the helmets, bicycle pumps, and other accessories nearby.

If the kids are involved in sports, storing all of that associated equipment in one place will help reduce the chaos before and after each practice or game.


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