How to Cover Closet Rods with Plastic Pipe

While /4″ metal pipe or thick wall conduit, make a strong closet rod that won’t sag, it’s not very attractive to look at. To improve the looks, cut a piece of 1″ diameter thin wall PVC pipe (SDR) to the length needed. After sanding the plastic pipe smooth, slide it over the metal pipe, and install in the closet. Not only does it look better, but clothes hangers will slide much easier over the slick plastic surface.


  1. This is a great idea, I am a carpenter and I always have to install an extra support in the middle of the rod. Now I know how to eliminate it.

  2. Hi Roy, Glad you liked the closet rod tip. It really is a very simple–and affordable–way to upgrade from a typical wooden hanging rod. And I forgot to mention that the plastic-over-steel rod is also much more durable and will last many years longer than a wooden one. Thanks for writing and good luck!–Joe T.

  3. Thanks for this idea. I am looking at ideas to use in a closet. This is a smart idea that will also eliminate any of the clothes touching the conduit as I have found that the hangers rubbing on the conduit over time create a grayish/black dust on the clothes and your hands. Thanks again for the video and your time.

  4. Hi Ted, Glad you liked this Simple Solution. I love finding ways to improve existing spaces. And you’re right, plain conduit is not only ugly, it will eventually deposit metal dust onto everything in the closet. And if you paint the conduit–as I’ve seen done many times–the paint wears out in a matter of just a few weeks. Thanks for writing and good luck!–Joe T.

    • Hi, Paige! Joe used 1-inch diameter PVC pipe for this installation. However, the size that you need may vary depending upon the metal pipe in your home. Thanks for watching!

  5. Currently remodeling a 1960s ranch that has a similar closet rod in place, but I would like to add another rod below in 1/2 the closet. Any recommendations for how to support this? The “new” wire system just won’t support the weight. Thanks.

    • Hi Nicole, install a wooden beam in the middle to support the weight so it doesn’t sag. You can choose any thickness for this beam, and pick whatever type of wood suits your style.


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