Convert Existing Toilets to Dual Flush to Save Water

If the toilets in your home were manufactured before 1993 (date can be found stamped inside the lid), they probably use two or three times the amount of water per flush of newer models. Rather than going to the expense of replacing your older toilets, consider installing inexpensive toilet conversion kits that can turn them into water saving dual flush models in no time.


Any time I remodel a bathroom, I always try to install water-saving toilets. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of thousands of the old three and a half gallon toilets still in use. There are even thousands of five-gallon models still out there! These things are water-wasting dinosaurs that need to be extinct.

But, let’s be honest, some of the new water-saving toilets – as wonderful as they are — are a bit pricey, and when you’re talking about having to replace two or even three or more toilets in your home, that can rack up to some major out-of-pocket cash.

Well, let the transformation begin! This conversion kit will transform any water guzzler into an efficient, dual-flush toilet. You replace the inner workings along with the handle and you’re done. The kit only costs about $30, and it’s affordable enough to convert every toilet in the house.


  1. I’m a big fan of these HydroRight dual flush converters. With the simple installation and units costing less than $20, he’s right: You can change every toilet in the home to a water conserving dual flush toilet. These units pay for themselves with how much water they save and lower water bills!


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