Eco-Friendly Mold Control for Your Home

Mold in your home can cause serious health problems, but the toxic chemicals used to combat it are often just as harmful. Concrobium Mold Control kills and prevents mold without dangerous chemicals. It’s odorless and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Concrobium Mold Control is available at The Home Depot.


  1. I live in Maine my problem w/algae(green and black algae is the north side of my house . The green algae on the vinyle siding comes off with a hand bush with water and a house cleaner (Mr Clean etc). It’s the black algae which is harder to remove and it stains the white trim near the roof if your not proactive each year.

  2. Dear Danny, I love your shows! I have had 3 sewer back-ups and 3 floods in less than a year. What is the best way to waterproof a basement? Thank You, Judy Burchell-Peyko


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