3 Tips to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires

To prevent dryer fires, it’s important to clean the lint out of the dryer lint screen, dryer vent pipe, and inside the dryer itself. Here’s how.

Clothes Dryer Cleaning Tips:

  • Remove and clean the dryer lint screen after each load of laundry.
  • Insert a crevice tool on a vacuum cleaner in the lint trap slot to remove lint from inside the dryer.
  • Clean the dryer pipe periodically to remove any lint that has accumulated inside.

A load of clothes will dry faster if you put a dry towel in with the wet clothes.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: Today’s clothes dryers are more energy efficient than ever before. With a few Simple Solutions, you can cut energy consumption even more.

First, after every load of dry clothes, always remove and clean the lint screen. Pull it out and by hand, unroll and toss out the lint.

But before putting the screen back in, use a vacuum with a crevice tool—a little narrow crevice tool—to clean up the port where the filter goes. This will catch any remaining lint. That’s all, that’s all you need is just three or four seconds to clean that out.

Now, the second tip is to, every time you’re drying a load of wet clothes, take a dry fluffy towel and toss it in with the clothes. Now, the dry towel will absorb any excess moisture and your clothes will dry a whole lot faster.


  1. A liquid of some type has leaked on my dryer and caused rusting behind the dryer door at the entrance to the drum. Rust is also on the mouth of the lint screen area. How can I repair this?

    Blair Williams

  2. When I washed a load of clothes, I ended up washing a whole newspaper as well now I have paper pieces in my dryer vent. Is there a way to clean it?

  3. I am noticing my 7yr old Maytag drier has started collecting lint in only one corner of the lint filter. Have an idea why this could be happening?

  4. A wash rag sliped down the lint shaft and I cannot get it out. I don’t want this to cause a fire when in use.

    • Sounds like a job for professional hands that can reach in there and get it out! You’re right; better safe than sorry! 🙂

  5. As I pulled out dryer lint a piece of plastic fell off and now I can’t dry clothes. ..How do I get it out?

    Tell your husband & also tell him you think you should pay for a professional (implied that he can’t do it).


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