Circular Saw Crosscut Guide

If you don’t use a circular saw on a regular basis you may find that it’s a bit of a challenge to make a nice straight crosscut. One of the easiest ways to consistently make accurate crosscuts and do it safely is to make a T-shaped crosscut jig. They are incredibly effective and worth the time to make.

To make a crosscut guide:

  1. Screw and glue a piece of 1/2″ plywood to a 1″ x 4″ to create the T-shape, using a square to make sure the two pieces join at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Place your circular saw on the jig, and cut off any excess 1″ x 4″ to give align the jig to your saw blade.

To make a crosscut using the jig:

  1. Place the jig on the stock.
  2. Position the end of the cut-off 1″ x 4″ even with the location of the crosscut.
  3. Hold the jig firmly in place, and make the cut.


  1. We have a crosscut saw guide. It just may beat your homemade saw guide. Ours will allow you to set roof pitch, make angle cuts, and it has a bridge that the professional can use to cut I-joists.


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