It’s important to install safeguards on electrical outlets to keep inquisitive children from shocking themselves. While the most inexpensive method is to cover the outlet with plastic plug covers, they can be hard to remove. A more costly, but easier to use, alternative is to install Tamper Resistant Receptacles from Leviton. Tamper resistant outlets prevent foreign objects from entering while allowing a standard plug to fit.


  1. These are horrible. They only work easily if you have a three prong plug. If you have a normal two prong you have to pound it in. And no there were no burrs or bent prongs out of the 10 plugs I tried!!!

  2. I just for you home and apparently all my outlets are equipped with these devices. It’s a complete nightmare!! I can’t plug anything in. It’s impossible to use. Stop legislating what goes on in my house. If your parent with small children biome means go ahead and replace but leave the rest of us alone

  3. I just moved into a 2 year old home which has these receptacles. They are terrible! I can’t use half of them regardless of how hard I force a plug into it.


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