Check Out This Cool Truck I Saw in Virginia

I’m in Stafford, Virginia, at a kitchen remodeling project for the winner of the Today’s Dream Kitchen Contest sponsored by Merillat. It’s great working with different carpenters and contractors when I travel around the country. It’s also pretty cool to see the way they get to the job site and how they manage to carry all their tools.

Take a look at the setup Greg Perez has for his company. There are all kinds of compartments around the truck to hold tools and supplies, along with space for ladders on top. Since their jobs can take them a 100 miles from their shop, they need to carry a lot of supplies with them including a generator, workbenches, and even a microwave!

Having the truck painted with the company name and phone number on the side is good for advertising, too. I’d love to have one like this on my job site! Watch this video to see more.


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