Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic tile floors can add extra elegance to formal areas like the living room and dining room. In a project like this, Floor preparation is import before the first tiles can be laid. Darker marble insets were used to add pizazz to this flooring.


  1. I have ceramic tile in my house. We have a swimming pool and when the floor gets wet, the tile is very slick. I have slipped down serveral times, our floor is not very textured. Is there something I can put on it to help with this problem. Thanks.

  2. Currently, my kitchen, dining room, and living room have hardwood flooring. Due to an ice maker leak, the kitchen floor is damaged and needs to be replaced. The dining room and living room floor are beautiful, and I hate to go through the hassle of replacing them, but the hardwood floor I have is now discontinued. The kitchen and dining room do not have a full wall separating them (there is a half wall that breaks up the area). Would ceramic tile be an acceptable option to put in the kitchen? Could the rooms still “flow”?

    • Hi Nancy,
      It would be fine to limit your tile to just the kitchen, in fact that’s pretty common since tile is more resistant to water damage than wood.


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