Ceiling Enhancements for the Kuppersmith House

I’m out at The Kuppersmith Project, and even though I spent a lot of time figuring out exactly how I wanted the interior of the house to look, there are always going to be a few changes along the way to make it a little nicer.

Originally, we had a simple flat 9′ high ceiling in the master bedroom, but I felt it needed a little something extra. So we came back and created a pocket ceiling by adding beams around the sides and bumping it up 16” to make a recessed ceiling in the middle of the room.

It really changed the overall look of this room. The bed can now be positioned against the wall with lights shining down for reading, and there will be room for a sitting area to the side.

I also decided to enhance the master bathroom ceiling as well. Rather than a flat ceiling, we created a simple cathedral ceiling with a large beam down the middle. It will feature a chandelier to provide even light all the way around the room.

Little changes like this can really dress up a room, and it’s a lot easier to make them now than when the drywall is already in place.


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