Carrying Plywood

It can be quite a hassle to carry a full sheet of plywood on your own, so here’s a more convenient way to do it. Take a length of rope and tie the ends together so that you have one big loop. To make it even more convenient take a length of garden hose and slip the rope right through it to create a comfortable handle. To carry the plywood just loop the ends of the rope around the corners of the plywood, flip the wood up on its edge and lift up on the handle to get the plywood off the ground. Once you have it standing upright then you can make any adjustments to the handle so that it’s balanced in the center.


  1. Seems you could add some kind of simple hook from the handle to the top so you can lift on your side of the ply. With it under your armpit as shown you can’t get much ground clearance which quickly becomes a problem (lumpy ground, going up stairs, etc.).

  2. Thanks! This was just the how-to-do-it-easy tip I was looking for. Every now and then I buy a sheet of plywood and struggle to move it around. This will help me a lot!


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