How to Make a Riser for Canned Goods

Organizing your kitchen cabinets to make it easy to find your food items is easy. We found that you can actually make small steps inside your kitchen cabinets to display canned goods so that you can actually see what’s in the back of the cabinet. Here’s how:

  • Cut three 2×4’s so that they were a little shorter than the inside dimension of the cabinet.
  • Empty the cabinet and then slide two of the boards in the back of the cabinet.
  • Stand them up on edge against each other so that it’s wide enough for the base of the cans.
  • Take the third piece and lay it flat in front of the other two to create a tier system.

You can now place taller items in the back, then medium and smaller items in front. Even if something overlaps you can still see what’s all the way in the back.


  1. Wow. Something I did nearly 20 years ago makes ‘New’ news. Har. Just like the guy who said he invented the speed way of tying shoes. What is old is new again…

  2. Super! and for those who do not have tools to cut the 2 x 4, Home Depot will cut the boards for you if you buy the wood there.

  3. Annie;
    I’m with you. I live close to both stores and positively live at Lowe’s sometimes. Still trying to organize home I moved into 2 years ago and glad I found this economical idea!


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