Broan Ultra Pro Challenge Bath Fan Installation Competition

Contractors from across the United States participated in the 2014 Broan Ultra Pro Challenge bath fan installation competition to determine the fastest time to install a Broan Ultra Pro bathroom ventilation fan.

The eight regional winners each received an all expense paid trip for two to the 2015 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas where they competed to decide the grand prize winner.

The final competition pitted brother against brother as Mark Lareau from Salt Lake City, Utah, took on his brother Joe Lareau of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a battle to the finish, with only one second separating the winner from the loser!

Joe Lareau won the competition with a time of two minutes 21 seconds while his brother Mark finished in two minutes 22 seconds! As the winner Joe received a grand prize of a new Ford F150 pickup truck.

Watch this video to see the final competition.

Allen Lyle: Part of the fun here at the International Builders’ Show is what we like to call the spectacle events, and no one can create a spectacle quite like our own Danny Lipford.

Danny Lipford: Good luck, and get ready for the air horn.

Allen Lyle: Danny is the MC of the Broan Ultra Pro Challenge. Now, this is a competition by contractors all over the United States. They’ve been doing this all year long. They’re installing Broan’s Ultra Pro bath fan.

Now the top qualifiers met right here in Las Vegas, and whoever has the fastest installation time is going to have Danny Lipford hand him the keys to a brand new Ford F150. Are you ready for this? The final two competitors were brothers.

And here it is, it’s Broan’s Ultra Pro fan. It’s the fastest, easiest fan to install. The winner Joe Lareau. His winning time two minutes 21 seconds. His brother’s time, two minutes and 22 seconds. I’m pretty sure this is how it started with Cain and Abel.


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