Big Changes in Store for the Kuppersmith Project House

Architect Pete J. Vallas has a big challenge ahead to transform the existing Kuppersmith Project house into a modern, practical home. In addition to adding central air and heat, remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, and updating the antiquated wiring and plumbing; other changes to the house will include:

  • Opening up the wall separating the kitchen and dining room.
  • Removing a doorway in the hall to improve the flow of the house.
  • Adding a master bedroom addition to the back of the house.
  • Adding another bathroom to the house.
  • Replacing the existing garage and connecting it with a breezeway.
  • Adding a porch to the rear of the house.


  1. There was a cleaner advertised on the program… bath cleaner for glass doors I think and a cleaner for mold and mildew shown being used on a basement. Please what is the name of this product?

    • Hi, Polly!
      Here’s “Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford’s answer to your question:
      “A great way to clean any glass in your home is to use a diluted mixture of white vinegar and water.
      To help your shower doors and repel soap deposits, you could use Rain-X, which is commonly used on auto window glass.
      For mold and mildew, check out the line of Wet and Forget products, available at”
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I am going to be redoing my laundry area and that fold-down drying rack would be perfect for the space. I’d love to be able to make it at just a bit more than a 1/3 of the price!! I saw how the drying rack frame was made and the beadboard was attached to the wall, but I didn’t how the rack portion was attached to the beadboard or how the rack could be lowered down to be used. Is there a tutorial somewhere I could follow?

    • Hi, Deb!
      We used Titebond glue all over the back of the beadboard paneling and we drilled the beadboard into the wall.
      Thanks for watching!

  3. I entered a contest recently Then I had a brainy idea,I have a craft room that needs help.I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do one .Don’t get me wrong I put in for other projects.Just a suggestion. So love love this show watching right now.

    • Hi, Susan,
      We are so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the show!
      Thanks so much for reading and entering the contest, and thanks for the suggestion of a craft room.
      Take care,

  4. Tell me again the product that can be used for wood repair. I have some wood posts that are degrading at the base and can’t really replace them all.


  5. In season 20/15 you showed a paste you used to repair dry rot on the exterior door frame. I live in Pacific Northwest and have dry rot on the window frame that I need to repair. Can you tell me what was the product you used to fill in the dry rot? Thank you!


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